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CCEFA Profile: Rep. James Moran

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011
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See below for our latest Congressional Caucus for Effective Foreign Assistance (CCEFA) profile of the Congressman from Virginia, James Moran. We’ve already profiled the Co-Chairs Ander Crenshaw and Adam Smith, as well as Representatives Keith EllisonDenny RehbergLaura RichardsonDennis RossAaron SchockLynn WoolseyHank JohnsonJim McDermott, and Tammy Baldwin. Stay tuned for more!

James Moran (D)

District: Virginia’s 8th

Twitter: @Jim_Moran


  • Appropriations Committee (Senior Member)
    • Subcommittee on the Interior and Environment: Ranking Member
    • Subcommittee on Defense
    • Military Construction Subcommittee
  • House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee

Congressman Moran has been a constant fixture on Capitol Hill for two decades and, during his time in Washington, he has proven time and again to be a leading advocate for U.S. foreign assistance.  Serving as a senior member of the House Appropriations Committee, he has been involved in a wide array of legislative issues with both domestic and international implications.  As a Ranking Member on the Subcommittee on the Interior and Environment, a leader in the House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee, and the founder of the New Democratic Coalition, Rep. Moran brings a keen sense of responsibility and a deeply proactive spirit to the CCEFA.

In his eleven terms in Congress, Rep. Moran has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the developing world through his legislative endeavors.  A proponent of comprehensive foreign assistance, he was a cosponsor both on the Initiating Foreign Assistance Reform Act of 2009 and the Global Poverty Act of 2007.  With regards to women’s issues, Rep. Moran has repeatedly taken steps towards eliminating gender inequality by cosponsoring the International Women’s Freedom Act of 2011 and the Violence Against Women Act of 2010.  Going further, his portfolio of legislative achievements on the global health front is matched by few others on Capitol Hill.  He is a cosponsor of the Global Food Security Act of 2009, the Improvements in Global Maternal and Newborn Health Outcomes while Maximizing Successes Act, the United States Commitment to Global Child Survival Act of 2007, and several other acts of equal relevance to U.S. foreign aid policy.  With such a resolute commitment to the promotion of socio-economic equality and stability on the international stage, Rep. Moran will undoubtedly be a valued asset to the CCEFA.


CCEFA Profile: Rep. Tammy Baldwin

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011
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See below for our latest Congressional Caucus for Effective Foreign Assistance (CCEFA) profile of the Congresswoman from Wisconsin, Tammy Baldwin. We’ve already profiled the Co-Chairs Ander Crenshaw and Adam Smith, as well as Representatives Keith EllisonDenny RehbergLaura RichardsonDennis RossAaron SchockLynn WoolseyHank Johnson, and Jim McDermott. Stay tuned for more!

Tammy Baldwin (D)

District: Wisconsin’s 2nd

Twitter: @RepTammyBaldwin


  • Committee on Energy and Commerce
    • Subcommittee on Health
    • Subcommittee on Environment and the Economy.

With the addition of Congresswoman Baldwin to the CCEFA, the caucus has gained a resolute and outspoken proponent for U.S. activism in the global community.  As a leading voice on the Subcommittee on Health, Rep. Baldwin cosponsored the Global Sexual and Reproductive Health Act of 2011.  Though her agenda in Washington has been largely focused on improving our domestic healthcare model, her initiative on this front and her constant advocacy for increased U.S. foreign assistance programming demonstrates that this Congresswoman is well aware of the potential role the U.S. can play in partnering with the developing world to create the conditions for safer, more secure lives.

To this point, Rep. Baldwin has been quoted in saying, “America’s reason for maintaining her superpower status must be to export the best of our democratic system of governance and the hope of the American Dream to the rest of the world.”  Driven by a sense of responsibility to our global partners, she has repeatedly stressed the need to act collaboratively in combating the world’s threats, challenges, and conflicts.  Targeting gender inequality, hunger, and poverty as fundamental issues in the international community that the U.S. must take action to resolve, Rep. Baldwin brings a coherent and ambitious vision of U.S. foreign policy to the CCEFA.  She is an avid supporter of U.S. ratification of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) and has been a major advocate for assisting the Millennium Challenge Corporation and the Food for Peace Program.  The CCEFA is lucky to welcome into its ranks a seasoned veteran of Capitol Hill who both recognizes the plight of the developing world and believes fervently in the American capacity to assist the international community.



Tuesday, July 5th, 2011
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Please note: this post has been updated to include two new CCEFA Members.

Since the Congressional Caucus for Effective Foreign Assistance (CCEFA) launched last month, 13 Congressmen have joined. We’ve already profiled the Co-Chairs, Reps. Ander Crenshaw and Adam Smith, as well as Democrat Rep. Keith Ellison. Stay tuned for more to come as this bipartisan caucus continues to grow.

In the meantime, see the list below of current CCEFA Members as of June 23rd:

  • Rep. Ander Crenshaw (FL-4)
  • Rep. Adam Smith (WA-9)
  • Rep. Dennis Ross (FL-12)
  • Rep. Laura Richardson (CA-37)
  • Rep. Denny Rehberg (MT)
  • Rep. Lynn Woolsey (CA-6)
  • Rep. Aaron Schock (IL-18)
  • Rep. David Wu (OR-1)
  • Rep. Keith Ellison (MN-5)
  • Rep. Hank Johnson (GA-4)
  • Rep. Jim McDermott (WA-7)
  • Rep. Tammy Baldwin (WI-2)
  • Rep. Jim Moran (VA-8)
  • Rep. Mike Honda (CA-15)
  • Rep. Barbara Lee (CA-9)

For more information on CCEFA, click here.


CCEFA Profile: Rep. Denny Rehberg

Monday, June 20th, 2011
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As the Congressional Caucus for Effective Foreign Assistance (CCEFA) continues to gain new members, we bring you our latest profile of Montana’s Congressman at large, Denny Rehberg. Check back later for more updates on the Caucus and its Members. And in case you missed them, we’ve already profiled Rep. Keith Ellison and CCEFA’s Co-Chairs.

Denny Rehberg (R)

District: Montana’s At Large


  • Committee on Appropriations
    • Labor, Health and Human Service, and Education (Chairman)
    • Energy and Water

Congressman Rehberg, like Rep. Ellison, cosponsored the Initiating Foreign Assistance Reform Act of 2009, which, first and foremost, directs the President to develop a National Strategy for Global Development; MFAN continues to believe that a global development strategy is central to advancing and coordinating U.S. foreign assistance. Two key objectives of the Act are to reduce poverty and promote economic growth in developing countries, while continuing to respond to humanitarian crises when they occur. The Act also directs the President to implement a system to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of U.S. foreign assistance. Lastly, it underscores the need for transparency, contending that American taxpayers and foreign assistance recipients should have, to the maximum extent practicable, full access to U.S. foreign assistance information. In this regard, the Foreign Assistance Dashboard is a step in the right direction.


CCEFA Profile: Co-Chairs Ander Crenshaw and Adam Smith

Friday, June 10th, 2011
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To kick off our Congressional Caucus for Effective Foreign Assistance (CCEFA) profiles, we revisit the founding Co-Chairs—Reps. Ander Crenshaw (R-FL) and Adam Smith (D-WA). Together, they led the Caucus’ launch event on the Hill last month that also included a panel of leading voices in development policy and practice. See below for more about the Co-Chairs and stay tuned next week as we begin to profile recent Members who have joined CCEFA.

Co-Chair Ander Crenshaw (R-FL-04)

Serving as one of the faces of this Caucus, Rep. Crenshaw has put forth the clear message that the CCEFA “has been created to further the overall effectiveness of foreign assistance.”  Moreover, the Co-Chair and six-term Congressman from Florida stated that promoting foreign assistance programs and facilitating the emergence of additional efforts is paramount “for the United States to successfully achieve its critical international policy objectives.” Rep. Crenshaw also strongly believes in making the most effective use of our aid dollars.  In his opening remarks at CCEFA’s inaugural event, Rep. Crenshaw commented, “In today’s economic climate, it is even more important that government use every dollar effectively… our foreign assistance programs are no exception.”

Rep. Crenshaw has a long history of endorsing foreign assistance programs.  He has been a vocal advocate for supporting women’s rights abroad, expressing in a letter co-authored by Rep. Betty McCollum (D-MN) in July 2010, that the efficacy of American foreign assistance efforts is entirely dependent on ensuring that “all girls can stay in school and [that they] have the opportunity to live healthy, productive lives.”  Going beyond his steadfast support for women’s rights and education, which contributed to the development of The International Protecting Girls by Preventing Child Marriage Act, Rep. Crenshaw has a lengthy and consistent record of promoting American economic integration, voting in favor or several Free Trade Agreements.

More generally, Rep. Crenshaw sits on the House Appropriations Committee, serving as a vocal advocate for a financial future that is built on responsible federal activity and efficient budgetary spending.

As Co-Chair of the CCEFA, Rep. Crenshaw will look to translate his “knowledge of military, defense, and fiscal issues” along with his commitment to international and humanitarian matters, into a vision that will foster the development of successful foreign assistance programs.

Co-Chair Adam Smith (D-WA-09)

Having sat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee and currently serving as the Ranking Member of the House Armed Services Committee, Rep. Smith provided remarks during the launch event that built on his preexisting Congressional experience and focused on “the connection between national security and development.”  He added that “development needs to be bottom up, not top down” and our efforts should be led by a commitment to help build “local capacity” abroad.

Along with his eight terms of service in Congress, Rep. Smith brings a seasoned outlook on America’s role in the international community, both on an economic and humanitarian level.  He has been quoted as saying, “I support a comprehensive foreign policy strategy that… encourages self-determination, democracy, human rights, economic development, and much greater access to education, health care, and jobs.”  Additionally, his stance as Co-Chair of CCEFA will be driven by his sense of responsibility to have America use its power to “take a global approach to world leadership… [on] issues such as global poverty.”

Rep. Smith has repeatedly illustrated his commitment to achieving a more modern and streamlined foreign assistance strategy through the legislation he has worked on.  He sponsored the Global Poverty Act of 2009 and cosponsored the Initiating Foreign Assistance Reform Act of 2009, as well as other more specific humanitarian measures, such as the Newborn, Child and Mother Survival Act of 2009 and the Global Resources and Opportunities for Women to Thrive Act of 2010.

Rep. Smith will use his multi-faceted outlook on foreign assistance and other related issues to lead and guide the CCEFA in the months to come.