Bill O’Keefe

Catholic Relief Services

Bill O’Keefe is Catholic Relief Services’ Vice President forGovernment Relations and Advocacy, based at CRS’ headquarters in Baltimore.

He oversees efforts to change U.S.foreign policy in ways that promote justice and reduce poverty overseas.

This involves lobbying Congress and theAdministration on a range of foreign policy issues, educating U.S. Catholics about international issues, and involving them in public campaigns for policy change. In his current role, he also is a board member of the US Global Leadership Campaign.

Mr. O’Keefe received his Bachelor of Science cum laude fromYale University in 1984 and a Master in Public Policy from theKennedy School of Government at Harvard in 1987. He joined CRS in 1987 as a Project Manager in Tanzania. He has served in various capacities forCRS and was appointed to his current role in 2003.

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