Reuben Abraham

Artha Global

Dr. Reuben Abraham is the CEO and founder of Artha Global, a London-based think tank focused on state capability and political economy issues. A seasoned veteran and expert on economic development, Reuben most recently led and founded the IDFC Institute, a Mumbai-based independent, economic development think/do tank focused on the political, economic and spatial dimensions of India’s ongoing transition from a low-income, state-led country to a prosperous market-based economy.

Before theIDFC Institute, he was on the faculty and Executive Director of the Centre forEmerging Markets Solutions (CEMS), initially set up in partnership with CornellUniversity, at the Indian School of Business (ISB) in Hyderabad.

Reuben’s expertise lies in understanding the underlying processes of economic development, with a specific focus on state and institutional capacity, the political economy of implementation, and on well-managed urbanization as a key cause of economic growth and development.

He is a Senior Fellow at New YorkUniversity’s Marron Institute, a member of the International Advisory Board for the New Economy of the Govt of the United Arab Emirates, an Asia Fellow at the Milken Institute in Singapore, a Senior Advisor to Swiss Re in Zurich, and anHonorary Advisor to the New Zealand Asia Foundation in Wellington. Last year,Reuben was recognized for his efforts in tackling the COVID-19 crisis in India and was awarded “Think-Tanker of the Year” by Prospect Magazine.

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